Crisp Harvest Market specializes in organic produce from local and regional farms.  Come see our colorful bounty of fruits and vegetables offered at  great prices.  Discover our convenient selection of grab-n-go meals, local dairy and baked goods, natural groceries, bulk foods, coffee, craft beer, and wine. 

 STORE HOURS:  Monday - Friday 8:00a - 9:00p;     

Saturday + Sunday 10:00a - 9:00p


What's Hot Now?  Springtime Foods!


Sunshine, showers, and warmer temperatures mean spring fruits and veggies!  A fresh alternative to the heavier, hardier foods of winter.  Our farmers will soon be bringing us the best of their bounty:



            Strawberries: Sweet and plump!

               Melons:  Honeydew + Seedless watermelon

               Mangoes + Pineapples:  Sweet and sumptuous from the tropics!

               Grapefruit: Rio Stars + Honeygolds are going strong

               Oranges:  Navels are divine; Cara Caras + Blood Oranges keep coming



               Asparagus: Peak of the season; so delicious roasted, grilled, or steamed!

               Spring Greens: Perfect for fresh salads!

               Hothouse Tomatoes:  Plump, bright red, gorgeous!

               Brussels Sprouts:  Roasted with butter and salt + pepper is marvelous!


Come enjoy spring freshness at Crisp!



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