Crisp Harvest Market specializes in organic produce from local and regional farms.  Come see our colorful bounty of fruits and vegetables offered at  great prices.  Discover our convenient selection of grab-n-go meals, local dairy and baked goods, natural groceries, bulk foods, coffee, craft beer, and wine. 

 STORE HOURS:  Monday - Friday 8:00a - 9:00p;    

Saturday + Sunday 10:00a - 9:00p


What's Hot Now?  Stone Fruit!


Hot sunshine in the growing regions has brought stone fruit season into high gear.  Varieties are sweet, plump, and taste like summer!


Rolling In Now--


                Peaches   white + yellow varieties

                Nectarines    white + yellow varieties





Our Favorite Ways To Enjoy Stone Fruit--


Fruit Bowl-- Slice up and combine several varieties for a cool, sweet, colorful sidedish 

Salads-- Sprinkle slices into your favorite salad for a burst of bright, summer flavor

Fast Fresh Snack-- Toss 1 plum + 1 nectarine + nut mix + a drink into your bag for fresh energy-packed snacking on the go.    


Come find your favorites at Crisp!



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